How to Convert Snp Files to PDF

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Files with SNP extension, or Microsoft Access Snapshot Files, can be viewed in a program called Microsoft Snapshot Viewer. The program has print capability, allowing any user with a PDF printer such as Adobe Acrobat installed on her computer to print SNP files to a PDF.

Snapshot Viewer can be downloaded for free on Microsoft's website. Adobe Acrobat is not free, but there are third-party options such as BullZip, a PDF printer program, available for free download online. Such programs must be accessible as a printer option on your computer.

Verify that the PDF writer program is one of your printer options. Adobe Acrobat will be listed as a printer if you have the program. Check that you have downloaded a PDF printer if you are working with free third-party software.

Open the SNP file in Snapshot Viewer.

Click "File" in the program menu bar and select "Print" in the drop-down menu. A pop-up window will open.

Select the PDF printer in the "Printer Name" field and then click "Print." A browser window will open.

Name the PDF file and choose a location on your computer drive. Click "Save."