Disney princess tent instructions

Updated June 27, 2018

The Disney Princess tent is manufactured by Exxel Outdoors. The two pole dome tent is designed for indoor use but it may be used outdoors in fair weather, and can be used as a portable playhouse and as sleeping quarters. The Princess tent is coloured pink with characters printed on the front door. In addition to the tent, a princess sleeping bag and backpack is also available. The tent is easily erected by a single person in less than one hour.

Remove the tent and poles from the packaging. Select an indoor area with a high ceiling or an outdoor area without overhead obstacles. The poles are not excessively long but they will be difficult to assemble without space.

Lay the Princess tent with the floor on the ground. Pull on each corner to tighten the floor. Assemble the two tent poles by inserting the male sections into the metal ferrules.

Slide one pole through each of the diagonal sleeves. Place the end of each pole in the fabric pockets on the corners. This will flex the poles and raise the tent body.

Place the fabric roof on top of the tent. Attach the hooks on each corner of the roof to the loops on the top of the pole sleeves. The roof fabric will stretch tight and cover the ventilation gap in the tent ceiling.


Add seam sealer to the stitching on the fabric. The seam sealer will increase the durability of the tent.


Do not over-flex the poles. The poles will fracture under too much strain.

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