How to make a raffle ticket drum

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A raffle is an excellent way to raise money for an organisation. Prefabricated raffle drums can be expensive. A homemade raffle drum is relatively inexpensive and works just as well as a prefabricated drum.

Draw two circles on a piece of plywood three feet in diameter. Make a perfect circle by attaching a piece of string to a push pin and the other end to a pencil. The string should measure exactly 18 inches from the push pin to the pencil. Mark a centre point to the circle and insert the push pin in the plywood at that point. Pull the string tight and draw a circle around the push pin.

Cut out the circles using a jigsaw.

Drill a hole on the centre mark of each of the two circles using a 1 1/8-inch hole saw.

Attach chicken wire around the circumference of each circle to make a cylinder. Use a staple gun and staple the chicken wire to the wood. The amount of chicken wire you use will determine the size of your raffle drum.

Cut a 10-inch square in the chicken wire to create a door using a wire cutters. You will use the cut out piece as the ticket door so do not throw it away.

Tape around the hole in the chicken wire and the ticket door with duct tape. Secure the ticket door every two inches on one side of the opening with small pieces of chicken wire. Place a two inch piece of chicken wire around the drum wire and around the door. Twist the wire and cut off the ends with wire cutters.

Draw two support arms on the plywood, each in the shape of an upside-down "Y". Place a 1 1/4-inch square notch in the centre of the bottom of the "Y" to hold the 1-inch dowel.

Secure the support arms to the plywood base using 2 by 4's and wood screws. To secure a support arm, place a 2 by 4 on each side of the arms of the "Y". Cut the boards four inches longer than the length between the outside of the arms of the "Y". Center the "Y" between the two boards and screw the 2 by 4's to the plywood "Y" stand and to the plywood base. Repeat the process for the opposite side.

Place a 1-inch dowel through the holes on the ends of the raffle drum. Place the raffle drum on the support arms, making sure to place one end of the dowel in the notch of each support arm.

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