Instructions for a Babydan Playpen

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The BabyDan Park-a-Kid is a six-sided playpen designed for your child's safety. It has smooth, rounded corners and a washable padded mattress. The playpen is assembled at home; no tools are required.

Separate the playpen into two sections of three gate walls each. Lift the removable bar upward and slide it to the right, to remove it from the lower hinge on the gate wall. Work with one section at a time.

Lift the middle gate wall upward -- while pushing the adjacent gate walls downward -- to loosen the connection; The gate walls can now be adjusted. Do this to both sections.

Adjust the outer gate walls, so the lines on the top of the plastic corner covers align with the marks on the hinges on the middle gate wall. There are distinct markings on both pieces. Push the middle gate wall downward -- while lifting the outer gate walls upward -- to lock the section into place. Do this to both sections. Each section should look like half a hexagon.

Position the two sections together to form a hexagon.

Insert the removable bar into the top hinge, from where it was removed; this is the location where the two sections meet. Push the bar down, until it rests in the hinge on the bottom.

Insert the padded mattress into the playpen, nylon side down. There are three elastic loops on the nylon side of the mattress; Align the elastic loops with three corners with hinges.

Pull each elastic loop underneath the removable bar under the gate wall and hold it taught with your hand.

Slide the removable bar to the right and attach the elastic loop to the bar. Slide the bar back into the hinge to secure the elastic loop in place.

Pull the remaining two elastic loops under the gate wall and hook them around the circle portion of the hinge. Release the loops, to let the elastic pull taught, which locks them into place.

Squeeze the handle on the top of the door to release it from the hinge. The door opens either way, in or out. To close the door, squeeze the handle, align the door with the hinges and release the handle to lock the door back into place.

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