How to Mix Leather Sofas

Updated February 21, 2017

Although you might feel that mixing different-coloured leather furniture is a faux pas, it is actually quite acceptable, especially in modern interior design. Pairing together contrasting leather colours can add interest to a space, giving it a contemporary feel with a hint of eclecticism, if you so desire. If you find two leather sofas in two different colours, and you cannot part with either, use basic colour principles to determine if the colours will go together in your home.

Choose two sofas that have either contrasting or complementary colours. For example, a white leather sofa can look stunning next to a black, red or dark blue leather sofa because of the drastic contrast. If you want more muted tones, try leather colours such as tan or cream with burgundy, deep brown or forest green leather sofas. Other combinations include brown and blue, blue and black and even black and brown.

Decide where the furniture will sit in the room. If the room includes both colours of the sofas, they can be arranged virtually any way. If the room is white or has light-coloured paint, place the darker couch against one of the walls to accentuate the contrast.

Scatter your couch with throw pillows of the same colour patterns to tie the sofas together. For example, if your theme is black and white, place black-and-white-patterned pillows on both couches. If you are not keen on throw pillows, tie the sofas together with a patterned floor rug that incorporates both colours.


Mixing together two darker-coloured leather sofas gives the room a more traditional look.

Things You'll Need

  • Throw pillows or rug
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