How Do You Take the Seat Out of a Mercedes-Benz 110 CDI Van

Written by sue balk | 13/05/2017
How Do You Take the Seat Out of a Mercedes-Benz 110 CDI Van
Mercedes-Benz manufactures multiple van models in Europe. (Andrew Hone/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

The Mercedes-Benz Vito 110 CDI Van is a practical diesel van available to the U.K. and Europe. Getting over 36mpg (diesel), this van is great on gas mileage. The standard rear bench seat is removable and allows for more cargo space. You can haul supplies, materials, bikes, camping equipment and more in the Vito Van. You can remove the rear seat whenever you want more room in the back of your Mercedes-Benz 110 CDI Van.

Find the release lever for the rear seat legs located on the back underside of your rear bench seat. Rotate the lever upwards.

Tilt the rear seat bench forward by pushing the upper edge of the seat's backrest to release the legs.

Move to the front of the bench seat and pull the three release handles (located at each seat leg) upwards.

Hold the seat by the lower edge of the seat cushion and tilt the bench seat slightly forward.

Lift the seat completely out of the floor anchors and remove from the vehicle. Place the seat in a covered storage area.

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