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The best seats in an Air Transat Airbus A330-200

Updated November 21, 2016

Picking your aeroplane seat dictates the type of experience you are likely to have during that flight. Each person has his preference for aisle or window, by the bathrooms or not, and front of plane or rear. Once you decide where you enjoy sitting during flights and what is important to your comfort, you can request more seats with more legroom, easy bathroom access, quick exit after landing or limited proximity to other passengers.

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Club Class Seats

The best seats on the plane are in Club Class, which is Rows 1, 2 and 3. The Club Class seats have more room for legs and arms because the pitch (space between seat rows from front to back) is 85cm (34 inches) and the seat width is 48cm (19 inches). There are 21 seats in Club Class on this aircraft configured with three seats in the middle of the row and two on either side. Passengers in Club Class receive more attentive customer service, including drinks before the flight takes off, coat check, blankets, pillows and free alcoholic drinks. There are fewer passengers overall in Club Class, which allows easier access to the cabin's single bathroom.

Economy Class Aisle Seats

Aisle seats are ideal for passengers who need to use the bathroom often, need to exit the plane quickly after landing or do not like to step over other passengers when leaving their seat. Aisle seats also let you take advantage of stretching your feet in the aisle when no one is passing. Most aisle seats are the same on the Airbus A330-200, but Rows 4-11, 25-32 and 41-44 are close to the bathrooms. The best aisle seats will be in Rows 13-24, which are before the wings, but away from the back of the plane, where the engines and wind can be quite loud.

Economy Class Window Seats

Window seats are ideal for passengers who do not like to be stepped over by people exiting their seat and who like to sleep against the side of the plane. These passengers tend not to use the bathroom often and enjoy looking at the clouds. It will be difficult to exit your seat as most rows are three seats wide. The best window seats are in Rows 12-14 and 33-40 because the seats in the middle of the plane are obstructed by the wings. Rows 37-40 are toward the back of the plane, but these rows are configured with only two seats, making exiting your seat less cumbersome.

Emergency Exit Row Seats

Emergency exit seats are ideal for passengers who are able to assist others in the event of an emergency, enjoy more leg room due to the lack of seat in front of them, need to exit quickly and do not mind being close to the bathrooms. The emergency exit rows in the Airbus A330-200 are Rows 9 and 30.

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