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How to Eliminate a Slippery Motorcycle Seat

Updated February 21, 2017

If you cleaned the leather surface of your motorcycle seat with a cleaning agent and now your butt all but slips off the seat when you ride, you know how dangerous this can be. While feeling uncomfortable on your motorcycle means you will not enjoy your ride, in a worst-case scenario you could be picking yourself up off the pavement.

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  1. Clean the seat using a mixture of warm water and unscented dish soap. Clean the seat thoroughly, scrubbing it with a clean cotton towel.

  2. Wipe the seat dry using a clean cotton towel. Keep rotating the towel to a dry area. This will help remove the remaining silicone on the seat.

  3. Treat the seat with a non-silicone-based leather treatment. You can purchase this type of treatment from a store that sells leather coats.

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Things You'll Need

  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Cotton rags
  • Cotton towels
  • Non-silicone-based leather treatment

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