How to dye velour auto seats

Michal Zacharzewski

Dying auto seat upholstery can be a difficult process, particularly when the seats are made from velour fabric. Many auto owners think they need to have the seats professionally replaced to change the colour or that they need to completely remove the fabric from the seats, dye them and then attempt to refit the fabric onto the seats. Fortunately, there is a non-toxic product made specifically for dying fabric that makes the process of dying auto seats much simpler.

Remove the seats from the car. This usually involves opening latches on either side of the seat and scooting the seat forward before lifting it out of the car, but the process varies by car make and model (see your owner's manual for detailed instructions).

Place the seats on the drop cloth in an outdoor area.

Vacuum each seat well.

Clean dirty spots using a damp cloth.

Allow the seats to dry for about an hour.

Spray Simply Spray fabric paint evenly across each seat, covering each seat completely.

Allow the seats to dry for several hours.

Spray another layer of Simply Spray fabric paint evenly across each seat.

Allow the seats to dry for at least 72 hours before putting the seats back into the car.

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