How to Adjust a Handlebar on a Yamaha V Star 650

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The Yamaha V Star 650 is a popular middleweight cruiser, providing the same long-distance comfort of a bigger bike in a smaller package. However, if you find that you're a bit uncomfortable after a few miles of riding your V Star 650, you may begin to wonder what the problem is. Luckily, making a few small adjustments to the angle of the handlebar could make a big difference, tailoring the motorcycle for your height and arm reach. This simple modification will work on the V 650 Classic, Custom and Silverado models.

Park the motorcycle on a smooth, level surface and sit down on the rider's saddle. Place both hands on the handlebar and both feet on the foot pegs or floorboard. Take note of any discomfort or a feeling of overextension in your arms. Put your feet back on the ground.

Pull the plastic bolt covers from the socket bolts on the handlebar risers, which are the clamps that secure the handlebar to the front forks. Using an Allen key, loosen the bottom bolt on both handlebar risers until the handlebar can be pivoted from front to back.

Place your feet back onto the foot pegs or floorboards, and grasp the handlebar. Sit comfortably on the motorcycle and pivot the handlebar forward (or rearward) until you have found a comfortable position. Tighten the lower handlebar riser bolts with an Allen key. Put your feet back on the ground.

Lift the motorcycle upright while still seated. Turn the handlebar completely from side to side, ensuring that the handlebar, cables and switches do not touch the fuel tank. Readjust the handlebar as needed if the handlebar, cables or switches touch the tank in any way. Tighten the handlebar riser bolts completely with an Allen key and press the bolt covers into place if you are satisfied with the angel of the handlebars.

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