How to Remove Water Stains From Car Seats

You can easily remove water stains from your car seats.

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Water stains can ruin the look of your car's seats. These stains can come from just about anywhere, perhaps an open sunroof while it's raining or a spilt drink. It will take more than just a little scrubbing to remove these pesky spots.

However, with some persistence and elbow grease, your car seats can look clean and spot-free once again.

  • Water stains can ruin the look of your car's seats.

Absorb as much water from the seats as possible using shop rags.

Combine 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the water stains. Let the vinegar mixture sit on the stain for five minutes. The vinegar will help gently clean the seats and remove the water stains.

Scrub the stains with a clean shop rag until they are removed. If the stains remain, spray a small amount of upholstery cleaner over the stain. Wait five minutes then scrub the stain with a scrub brush. Dry the area with a shop rag.