Decorating Ideas for a Lime Green Bathroom

Updated February 21, 2017

If your bathroom has lime green walls, take advantage of the bright colour and decorate around it. Lime green will give your bathroom a fresh, clean look. Complement the vibrant walls by incorporating an elegant colour palette, such as black and white, into the design. The combination of neutral and bright colours will balance each other to create a harmonious bathroom style. When accented with the right decor items, lime green walls will work in everything from a master to a guest bathroom.

Accent lime green bathroom walls with sophisticated black and white decor items. Display abstract black and white images in black frames with white matting. Decorate black wall shelves with shiny silver boxes filled with Q-tips and other small hygiene-related items.

Enhance the counter top with shiny or brushed silver bathroom accessories, such as a matching cup, toothbrush holder and tissue cover set, to create a sleek, modern look. Hang white wall sconces featuring silver hardware above the sink to provide ambient lighting.

Install silver wall towel racks for style and function. Fold plush black hand or bath towels featuring lime green and white geometric patterns and drape them over the racks.

Suspend a high-quality black cloth shower curtain from silver hooks. Place a plush lime green bath mat on the floor for a soft touch.

Decorate the bathroom with green plants, which will add an extra pop of colour while naturally purifying the air. Place a green houseplant, such as a weeping fig or a peace lily, in a black ceramic pot and set it on a shelf or table near a window. Fill silver or black vases with fresh-cut white flowers, such as calla lilies or roses.

Things You'll Need

  • Black and white artwork in black frames
  • Silver bathroom accessories, such as a cup and toothbrush holder
  • White wall sconces with silver hardware
  • Silver towel racks
  • Black, white and green towels
  • Black cloth shower curtain
  • Silver shower rings
  • Lime green bath mat
  • Green plants
  • Black ceramic plant pot
  • White flowers
  • Silver or black vases
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