How to Change an Arai Helmet Visor

Updated November 21, 2016

Arai manufactures a variety of motorcycles helmets. The helmets are nearly 100-percent handmade and are designed to meet and exceed U.S. Department of Transportation and Snell helmet safety standards. Arai helmets include a visor or face shield that protects the face and eyes during operation of the motorcycle. Arai visors are removable, making cleaning the visor or replacing it with another compatible visor easier.

Grab both sides of the Arai helmet visor and raise it to the fully open position.

Push up on the black levers on both sides of the Arai helmet just below the base of the visor until you hear a click.

Pull the old visor straight out, away from the helmet and set it aside. If you are cleaning the old visor, allow any water or cleaning fluid to fully dry from the visor reinstalling it.

Position the ends of the replacement visor around the holders on the side of the Arai helmet with the visor held approximately in the fully open position.

Slide the collar-shaped opening at both ends of the visor into the holders at the sides of the Arai helmet.

Push the visor down until you hear a click, indicating the visor is fully engaged. Lower the visor.

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