How to add water to a Smart car

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Smart cars were introduced in 1998. The Smart car range includes both electric and petrol-powered versions. The Smart car is designed so owners can easily complete most routine maintenance, including adding water to the washer fluid. The Smart car operator's manual includes steps and intervals for routine maintenance.

Remove the Smart car service flap by folding the service flap levers outward and lifting the front of the service flap.

Locate the windscreen washer fluid reservoir in the front compartment next to the left headlight.

Open the windscreen washer reservoir cap by lifting it upward.

Add water or a water and windscreen washer fluid mix to the reservoir until it reaches the "maximum" indicator on the reservoir. Use the mixing ratios provided in the Smart car operator's manual.

Close the windscreen washer reservoir cap and replace the service flap.

Lock the service flap in place by folding the service flap levers inward.

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