The Use & Care of a Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

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The Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is made from the same plush material as other Tempur-Pedic products. What makes this sleep mask different from others is that it conforms to the shape of your face and adjusts to your body temperature. It is specifically designed for people who want to sleep in total darkness. Once you discover how valuable this mask is to your sleeping routine, you will want to use and care for it correctly.

Before Wearing the Mask

Set your wake-up alarm before you attempt to place the sleep mask on the face. Grab the sleep mask from your nightstand. Make sure you can tell the front from the backside. Turn off the lights in your bedroom. Turning off the lights before you place the sleep mask over the eyes helps you keep from bumping into a wall or tripping in the dark.

Putting on the Mask

Sit on the end of your bed. Place the mask over your eyes. Press the mask down so that is conforms your the face. Pull the straps attached to the mask toward the back of your head. Attach the straps to each other. Lie down in your bed and go to sleep. It may take a few nights to get used to sleeping with the mask on your face. Once you get used to sleeping with the mask, the discomfort should subside.

Before Washing the Mask

Remove the velour cover from the sleep mask. Place the Tempur-Pedic padding in a safe place away from the water. Never wash the Tempur-Pedic foam within the mask cover. Washing the material can damage the foam and cause it to loose its buoyancy.

Washing the Sleep Mask

Fill your sink 75 per cent full of lukewarm water. Pour a few drops of Woolite into the water. Move the water around with your hand to evenly distribute the Woolite. Place the sleep mask cover in the sink. Gently rub the mask cover to loosen any dirt or oils. Empty the sink. Remove any dirt or grime that accumulates inside the sink with antibacterial soap and water.

Rinsing the Face Mask

Rinse the mask with lukewarm water over the sink. Continue rinsing the mask until you completely remove all of the Woolite. Gently ring out the mask cover in the sink to remove excess water until it no longer feels heavy and water no longer drips from it.

Drying the Face Mask

Place the mask cover in the centre of a clean bath towel. Fold the corners of the towel inward until the towel completely covers the entire mask cover. Press down on the towel to remove moisture from the mask. Keep pressing on the towel until you remove all of the moisture from the mask. Place the mask cover in an area with plenty of sunlight. The sun will help to dry the mask naturally. Allow it to air dry for a few days or until all of the moisture evaporates.

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