How to Fix a Motorcycle Helmet Whistling

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Helmets protect motorcycle riders from injury in an accident, and most states require motorcycle riders to wear one. While motorcycles are an enjoyable mode of transportation, the ride is less enjoyable when your helmet makes an annoying whistling sound.

The noise is not from the highway or your motorcycle; it's from the helmet you're wearing. Sometimes the noise happens when the shield isn't tight against the rubber gasket when it's closed.

Remove the face shield on your helmet. To do this, push on the clips that hold the face shield in place.

Locate the two screws on the side of your helmet. The screws will be exposed now that the face shield is removed.

Loosen the two screws with a coin. The screws look like a Phillips screwdriver will fit in them, but they are designed to be turned with a coin. Only turn the screws a half turn counterclockwise. This will loosen the rubber gasket on your helmet.

Push the face shield assembly toward the back of the helmet, then tighten the screws with a coin. Reattach the face shield on your helmet. The shield will now be tight against the rubber gasket when the face shield is closed, eliminating the whistling noise.