How to decorate a bedroom in brown cream and gold

Bedrooms using a colour palette of brown, cream and gold can have an understated elegance. However, you must balance the tones of this colour palette to avoid the brown overwhelming the other shades. The key is to use brown and gold as accent colours and to feature cream as the room's main colour. This colour scheme could also provide a strong base for decorating styles such as Tuscan or African.

Choose a warm cream shade to cover three of the walls. Use wallpaper featuring your room's colours for one wall to create a focal point. Look for a brown and cream or a brown and gold striped or paisley pattern.

Arrange gold-framed artwork or a gilt mirror and sconces above the bed. By adorning the wall above the bed with artwork or mirrors, you'll draw the eye to that area.

Select a brown bedspread to contrast with cream-coloured carpets or area rugs. Consider adding a plush velvet headboard in brown, gold or cream.

Look for subtle ways to introduce gold accents in accessories. For example, utilise pillows with gold cord around the seams or gold thread woven throughout the material, gold knobs on a dresser or gold shades on table lamps.

Layer window treatments in shades of brown, cream and gold. You could use a cream-coloured blind under brown curtains and top it off with a valance trimmed with gold cord.

Mix cream and brown and gold in your choice of furniture. For example, you could select cream-painted wood with gilt touches featuring soft brown upholstery or brown wood with cream and gold upholstery. Choose cream- or brown-stained dressers and night tables.

Things You'll Need

  • Wallpaper and supplies
  • Artwork or mirror
  • Sconces
  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Sitting area furniture
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