How to fry an egg in the microwave

Studies show that starting the day with breakfast is good for the body and the mind. Fried eggs are a popular breakfast item, but not everyone has time to make breakfast in the morning. The easiest way to have a nutritious breakfast item in a hurry is to fry an egg in the microwave.

Spray a ramekin or bowl with non-stick cooking spray. Break an egg into the ramekin or bowl. Use a fork to prick the egg yolk.

Cover the dish with cling film. Put the microwave on 50 per cent power and set the timer for two minutes. Check on the eggs. Add another minute if the yolk and whites are still runny.

Allow the egg to stand with cling film intact after removing it from the microwave. Leave covered until yolks thicken up and the whites have set completely.


Never place an egg in the shell in the microwave, the power will make it explode. Be careful when removing cling film from items just out of the microwave to avoid steam burns.

Things You'll Need

  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Ramekin or bowl
  • Fork
  • Cling film
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