How to Dress Up a Brown Leather Couch

Dress up a brown leather couch by using colours and textures to make it more of a design statement in your living room, family room or office. Use the traditional advice of having other brown leather sitting pieces in the space, such as an ottoman or easy chair, to create a cohesive interior design style. Modify the sofa, as well as consider the area directly around it, to make it fit into any type of decorating theme.

Add nailhead trim to the arms and/or backs of the sofa. Nailhead trim comes in many colours, including gold, silver and brown, many styles, from single nailheads to already spaced strips, and is applied using a hammer.

Place complementary coloured pillows in leather and suede next to the arms to dress up a brown leather couch if you want contrast, like in a contemporary space. Hues of cool blues and teals are opposite on the colour wheel of the warm browns.

Place analogous coloured pillows, which are the shades next to brown tones on the colour wheel, if you want a warmer feel to the room. Oranges and reds create a cosy environment, like in more traditional interior designs.

Buy pillows in the same brown leather on the couch or in slightly varying hues, for a monochromatic look. These can also be placed in between other pillows, such as an orange and a teal one, as a buffer if you want both warm and cool tones in the room.

Add a throw across the back to dress up a brown leather couch. Buy one that contains all of the colours in your pillows to draw them together.

Place an end table on each end of the couch that has leather elements. An example would be ones with a stretched leather top in either the same brown of the couch or a mixture of its accent colours from the pillows and throws.

Place a complementary coffee table in front of the sofa. For a different interior design approach, use two leather covered trunks instead of the traditional table.

Hang up a painting done on leather for you main piece of artwork over the sofa. Even though these can be found in many colours and themes, a simpler option would be a leather trimmed mirror using the same nailheads that you used to trim the couch.


Use the tool found in the second reference at the bottom of this article to find the opposite, complementary, analogous and monochromatic hue for your colour when dressing up a brown leather couch.

Things You'll Need

  • Nailhead trim
  • Hammer
  • Pillows
  • Throws
  • Leather covered end tables and coffee table
  • Leather artwork
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