How to Decorate With a Red Carpet

Updated February 21, 2017

When you incorporate red carpet into a room design you have a bold start to creating a room that feels energetic. Ideal for a living room space, red carpet can be the foundation for a high-contrast look that says "modern" and "creative." Whether you are trying to make the most of existing wall-to-wall carpeting in your home or want to add flair to a new space, wall paint, furniture and accessory selections will dictate the effect of the red base and will allow you to transform your standard room into a personal statement all your own.

Place a wall-to-wall red carpet on the floor in the living room, then use black furnishings in the room including a black leather sofa, black painted end tables, and black bookshelves.

Lay a large, red area carpet over black stained wood floors to frame the rug and give the room a planned geometric look.

Go a shade lighter in a den. Top off a red carpet with furniture in a different shade of red. A red sofa, painted desk and bookshelves can enhance the red carpet and create a bold, colourful room.

Lay a charcoal-coloured area rug on top of the wall-to-wall red carpeting in a family room to help break up the space and make the red less bold. Paint the walls a shade of charcoal and use indirect lighting in the room to highlight artwork on the walls.

Design a brighter space in the living room when you place white furniture and accessories throughout the room. Lay a white shag area rug in front of the sofa to help tie the red carpet and white furnishings together.

Hang white sheers on the windows of a bedroom to allow in the greatest amount of light and diffuse the red wall-to-wall carpeting in the room.

Lay a red area carpet lengthwise next to the bed to set off black, charcoal or white bed linens. Create a focal point in the room by adding one red pillow on the bed to tie it all together.

Design a visually interesting bedroom by pairing red carpeting with a red, plaid-patterned bed comforter. Use cream or white colour paint on the wall to diffuse the palette.

Pay homage to Oriental design when you top off a red carpet with Oriental detailed furnishings featuring black, red and gold painted surfaces and motifs featuring dragons and cherry blossoms. Accessorise with natural materials like bamboo and rice paper.

Enhance the colours of red wall-to-wall carpeting when you paint walls a neutral colour and hang artwork featuring red tones. Artwork like Mark Rothko's "Violet Green and Red" or "Incredibly Red" by Jan Groenhart are two possible selections.


Make the most of older red wall-to-wall carpeting by using a large area rug to hide worn areas and place rug and furnishings so that the red carpet makes a frame for the room. Use 3D virtual decorating software to help visualise colour combinations that will work with your existing red carpet and furniture.


Don't go bold if it doesn't reflect your true personality. A monochromatic red room or red-on-red room can be intense to live in day in and day out, so consider carefully before painting all your walls to match your carpet.

Things You'll Need

  • Black sofa
  • Black end tables
  • Black bookshelves
  • Black or dark-stained wood flooring
  • Red wall paint
  • Red sofa
  • Red desk
  • Red painted bookshelves
  • Charcoal wall paint
  • Indirect light features
  • Charcoal area rug
  • White furniture
  • White accessories
  • White shag rug
  • White sheer curtains
  • Red area rug
  • Bed linens in charcoal, black or white
  • Red pillow
  • Red plaid comforter
  • Cream wall paint
  • Oriental furniture
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