How to decorate an l-shaped living room with a large picture window

Updated November 21, 2016

L-shaped living rooms present a distinct challenge for home design. These rooms are so named because of their appearance from an aerial view. Generally, one long wall is present with a smaller opposing wall, making it difficult to arrange furniture. Often these L-shaped rooms have to wear the hat of several other rooms in one space. In order to best make use of this design, it is important to use furniture and decorative details to delineate the space efficiently. While a picture window is a lovely architectural feature, it can further enhance the challenges posed by this particular room shape.

Arrange your furniture to create a focal point for your living room. In this case, your focal point might be the large picture window. However, you could also choose the television or an architectural feature such as a fireplace. The idea of this focal point is to create a design centre that acts as the conversation piece in the room.

Divide the space into two clear areas. This can be as subtle as setting a small table and reading chair in the smaller area. This will help the larger living room area focus better on the beauty of the picture window. You also could create a built-in feature in this smaller space. For example, consider making built-in bookshelves for great storage and architectural interest. Yet another option would be to divide the space with a light screen or an open shelving unit that will help the two areas flow together easily, yet create a clear distinction between rooms.

Create a balance in an L-shaped furniture arrangement that is more conducive to conversation. For example, if you have a sectional that enhances the L-shape in your living room, balance it into more of a U-shape, which is typically more comfortable. This can be done by bringing in an extra chair or a chaise longue.

Choose window treatments that will enhance the usability of the picture window. In a minimalist design, you may choose to abstain from any blinds or curtains. However, you might want a bit of privacy. Consider framing the window with moulding to enhance the beauty of this feature. Choose fabrics that are lightweight yet stately so the window is not blocked out entirely. A rolling shade system also is ideal for making the window the focus but still blocking out the light when necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • U-shaped furniture arrangement
  • Moulding (optional)
  • Window treatments
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