How to decorate my living room with a fabric and leather couch

Updated February 21, 2017

Mixing contrasting colours, textures, patterns or materials in a large piece of furniture can create an interesting combination or a disaster in your living room. Pull your living room together in a harmonious way that incorporates the leather and fabric in your couch. Include details that show off your personality and style, because your living room is likely one of the first rooms guests see and where you entertain from time to time.

Paint the walls in a light colour that complements the leather and fabric in the couch. For example, a light brown or cream will work if your couch has dark brown leather and light beige fabric. Alternatively, paint a design, such as stripes, or use a brighter colour, such as red, on a wall behind the couch for contrast.

Place a rug on the floor to anchor the sofa and other furniture. Use a rug with a pattern, such as geometric shapes or flowers, if your couch has no pattern. If your couch has a busy pattern, use a solid-coloured rug that complements the colours in the sofa.

Arrange other pieces of furniture around the couch. Two leather chairs that match the leather in the sofa can also incorporate the fabric with a throw or pillows. Alternatively, use a matching leather ottoman in lieu of a coffee table with a matching fabric chair. Use dark wood tables if the leather is dark but the fabric is light, or use another type of table, such as glass or tile, that complements the couch.

Hang wall decor that pulls your room together. The walls should reflect the style and theme or colour scheme in the room. For example, use wrought iron wall sculptures or candle sconces to complement wrought iron and glass tables or a piece of modern artwork with geometric shapes to play off the rug.

Accessorise the room with detailed items that complement the leather and fabric in the couch. Decorate with candles in the same colour as the fabric and leather-covered candle holders. Use a lamp with a leather lampshade or a leather base. Add splashes of colour throughout the room with throws, pillows and other accessories.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Rug
  • Furniture
  • Wall decor
  • Accessories
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