How to Home-decorate With Teal

Teal is a versatile bluish-green shade that can look sophisticated and cool when paired with lighter shades, hold its own when paired with other bright colours and appear vibrant and fresh against darker colours. However, teal on its own can be too intense and overwhelming when used in large amounts. If you want to home-decorate with teal, use the shade judiciously.

Arrange teal-coloured accessories on a dark wood shelf or in a light-coloured room. Teal vases, platters, glasses and even coffee cups will create a bright splash of colour in the room. The eye will be immediately drawn to that grouping.

Add brightly coloured pillows, in shades of teal and bright pink or orange to any neutral-coloured couch. The pillows will accent the background shades of cream, yellow, khaki or even dark blue.

Mix teal with the classic colours of black and white. A black and white room on its own has a clean look but teal accessories will add some unexpected colour and interest. Teal lampshades, curtains and an area rug can make the room come alive.

Paint one item or wall in your home teal. For example, paint the inside of an old boot teal and then prop the boot open in the living room. Or paint an accent wall teal and the other walls white. The teal shade pops against the dark wood of the boot and the lightness of the white walls.

Pick another bright shade to use with the teal as accent colours around the house. The brightness of teal blends well other bright shades such as lemon yellow, orange and coral. Group a few similarly bright-coloured accessories together in each room, which lets the design flow through your home.


Avoid using teal with pale pink or rose, unless you want your home to feel like a wedding reception.

Things You'll Need

  • Teal accessories
  • Throw pillows
  • Teal paint
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