How to decorate your living room around a cranberry sofa

A cranberry-coloured sofa makes a bold statement inside any living room. However, the colour can quickly become overwhelming if it is not surrounded with neutral, complementary colours. Adding neutral colours and pulling the cranberry colour through the entire room are two ways to make decorating around a cranberry sofa cohesive and attractive. Most of these decorating tips are simple to carry out and will make a big difference in the appearance of the room.

Allow the sofa to be the focal point of the room. Since the sofa is such a bold colour, using too many other bold colours in the room will be overwhelming.

Choose other furniture colours carefully. Chairs and other furniture should be neutral colours, or a complementary colour, such as dark brown.

Add elements of the cranberry colour to other areas of the room. Use cranberry-coloured pillows as accents on the other coloured furniture. Choose pictures that have touches of cranberry in the prints.

Paint the walls a neutral colour, such as yellow, cream, khaki or off-white. Pure white is not a recommended colour because it will create too much contrast in the room. Cover furniture with tarps to keep it clean as the room is painted.

Consider adding another sofa or accent chair that contains elements of cranberry. A pattern in which cranberry is a main colour can tone down the bright cranberry of the sofa, while still bringing the colour to the rest of the room.

Arrange the sofa so that it is the first thing that people see when they walk into the room. Arrange other furniture around the sofa. If the sofa is placed against the wall, add a large picture over the sofa that has cranberry elements.

Remove any other bold-coloured decorative objects, such as dark blues, other reds or greens from the room. The use of these colours will disrupt the feel of the room. Any neutral coloured objects can be left in the room.


Keep the sofa looking nice by steam-cleaning the surface once or twice a year. This will keep the sofa bright and new-looking.

Things You'll Need

  • Neutral-coloured paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Tarp
  • Cranberry, brown or off-white pillows
  • Pictures with cranberry accents
  • Dark-coloured furniture
  • Neutral-coloured decorative objects
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