How to Match Wood Floors & Furniture

Written by kaye wagner | 13/05/2017
How to Match Wood Floors & Furniture
Vary wood colours and textures to add interest. (hardwood floor texture image by GoodMood Photo from

Hardwood floors have a luxurious appearance and are generally easier to care for than carpets. Many homeowners, however, are baffled when it comes time to picking out furniture to go on their hardwood floors. Depending on your design aesthetic, you may be tempted to match colour and texture of the wood. However, by varying colour and texture you will be able to create a decor that is more dense and interesting.

Use wood or upholstered furniture that is a different colour than your wood floor. By varying wood colours, you create a room that is more interesting to look at because your eye has different colours to focus on. You can successfully use a wide variety of wood colours as long as there is a unified decor theme. For example, feel free to mix wood colours, but do not place a romantic French chaise longue next to a contemporary black leather chair.

Use wood furniture that is a different texture than your wood floors. For example, if your wood floor is shiny and finished, use distressed wood furniture. This is especially important to do if you are uncomfortable purchasing furniture that is a different colour from your wood floor. This varied texture will create a more interesting decor

Use upholstery and accent colours to add interest or to tie your room's elements together. For example, if your room has light oak floors and you have chosen light oak furniture, consider using dark upholstery or use light upholstery and add dark accent pillows and throws. Alternatively, if you've chosen to use a variety of coloured furniture, use accent pillows and upholstery that is the same colour as the wood floor to tie it all together.

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