How Do I Find Where Someone Lives at No Cost?

Updated March 23, 2017

Sometimes, as time progresses, people may lose contact with friends or family members. Addresses that are written on a sheet of paper get lost or you could forget to update your address book. Even though you cannot find the address, you may want to find the address of a friend or relative to send a birthday card, holiday card, or a letter to say hello. You can search for a friend or family member's address for free using a directory on the Internet.

Locate a free people-searching directory on the Internet., Yahoo! People Search, Switchboard and AT&T's AnyWho allow you to search for people without paying a fee.

Enter the person's personal information. You must enter the person's last name, but you can also enter the person's first name, state and city or Postcode. The more information you provide, the more accurate your search results will be.

Locate the person in the search results. The search results will provide the person's name, address and telephone number, if listed. Search for the person's name, then locate the corresponding address.


If the person for whom you are searching does not appear in the search results, then try broadening the search results by searching using only the first letter of his first name.

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