How to find someone's previous home addresses

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When it comes to finding a person's previous home addresses, the more information you know about him the better. There are several free online searches you can perform to try to find a person, but if that person has a common name, it's going to take some digging, or some additional information to find the right one. When free searches don't work, or don't give you enough information, you may have to resort to a paid service to find what you're looking for.

Log onto and type in the name of the person you are looking for. Be sure to use middle names or middle initials, if you know them. Hit "submit," and a listing of previous addresses and phone numbers will come up. Unlike many other address searches, this service is free. You can pay a small fee to get more detailed information on the person, but addresses, with Postcodes, are provided free of charge.

Log on to and type in the name of the person you are searching for. A list of people with that name will come up. To make it easier to determine which particular person you are looking for, the person's known relatives will show up as part of the listing. You will not see complete addresses for the person in the initial search, but you can pay 60p to £1.30 to get a person's 40-year address history.

Perform a background check on the desired person by using a background check service. Many companies perform background checks, which include address histories, criminal histories and property ownership, among other detailed information. Some companies that do background checks include, and Fees vary, but typically are between £7 and £13.

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