How to Create Your Own Auction Site for Free

Updated March 23, 2017

Creating an auction is an effective way to fundraise for your organisation or for your own personal use. Once you have gathered up all of your donations or other items, it can be difficult to find a free place to host your auction. The most convenient choice, the Internet, can not only be done for free but it can also save you the trouble of leaving your house. A free Internet auction may require a bit of know-how but it can improve the chances of your auction gaining success.

Look for an online free auction script. A script is like an interactive Web program that you simply place on your site in order to provide a shopping trolley, comment forms or auctions. Choose your scripts from sites like Everysoft and Open Source Scripts. Programmers create new scripts from time to time so make sure to spend some time looking for the newest ones.

Compare the scripts to each other before choosing the one that will fit your site. Some things to look for are the script's ability to let you charge customers. It is also important to understand how they work. Choose the script that meets your criteria and download it.

Find a free host for your script. Open your favourite search engine and hunt for a host that allows the language of your particular script which may be PHP, CGI or Perl. These are programming languages that will be mentioned when you download your script. If a host does not support the language, you will not be able to use it. Find the host that supports the language and sign up.

Install the script on your host. Usually this will be a simple upload that the host has a walk-through guide to complete. Each script and host will be slightly different, so make sure to follow the guidelines that come with each to properly install the script.

Change your site as you see fit through the customisable options. Log in using the administration panel of the script used and change the settings to give the site a personalised feel. Test out the site by visiting it from different browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer to make sure that it works properly.

Set up your payment through a site that accepts payments for free. Make sure that the script you have chosen will allow for the payment method you choose. Once the payment is set up, you can submit the site to your friends and the search engines.

Things You'll Need

  • Auction script
  • Free hosting service
  • PayPal account
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