How to Paint Walls With Moroccan Colors

Updated April 17, 2017

The beautiful country of Morocco, inhabited by a variety of cultures in the past, has inspired rich colours and textures that are popular in home decorating. Before painting your walls, look for a fabric swatch with warm cinnamon red and splashes of jewel tones, like blues and greens, to use as a guide for your Moroccan-inspired room. Play up one or two of the colours, using the rest as accents, to keep from overpowering the room.

Remove curtains, blinds and switch plates from the walls.

Protect your ceiling with wide masking tape and your floor with dust sheets.

Apply a grey primer to the walls to cut down on the number of paint coats you will need. Use a paintbrush for the trim and a paint roller for the walls.

Paint the walls a Moroccan rich red or cinnamon colour. Moroccan red is an earthy red, not a bright red that would detract from other focal points in a room. Plan on two or three coats of paint. Allow sufficient drying time between coats.

Leave the walls a solid colour or accentuate them using a sponge, paisley stencil and paint in bright greens, cool blues, golden yellows and/or turquoise. Add gold paint for a dramatic effect.

Accentuate with plenty of Moroccan-coloured throw pillows. Hang lightweight flowing curtains that reach to the floor, even if your windows do not.


Morocco is a major spice trade centre—think of warm spice colours when decorating. Don't leave anything painted white. Cover window frames, crown moulding and baseboards with the Moroccan red paint or accent colours.

Things You'll Need

  • Wide masking tape
  • Dust sheets
  • Gray primer
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Moroccan rich red paint (cinnamon colour)
  • Sponge
  • Paisley stencil
  • Accent paints in bright greens, cool blues, golden yellows, turquoise and gold
  • Moroccan-coloured throw pillows
  • Floor-length lightweight curtains
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