How to decorate a living room with lime green walls

Lime green walls in the living room may feel intimidating, but don't have to be. Have some fun with the colour and enjoy its versatility. Whether you want your living room to project a clean, crisp look, or to evoke the feeling of a rainforest, green walls offer enough flexibility to do just about anything you want with your living room decor. Lime green walls look cool and comfortable any time of year, and are a perfect complement to a trendy look.

Add white furniture to your living room, or cover existing furniture with white slipcovers. Include a sofa and matching chair, along with a coffee table and end tables. Choose furniture with a highly polished sheen to reflect the green colour. Add a brown rug on the floor to balance the green on the walls.

Install white curtains or shades in windows. Opt for window treatments with clean lines and few embellishments. Choose curtains that are simple panels, or shades that roll up and down.

Add silver toned accessories throughout the room. Include a silver framed mirror, candlesticks, mirrored trays and vases. Place a single, white flower in a silver vase. Include silver coloured lamps and lighting fixtures, such as table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting.

Distribute green potted plants throughout the room to bring in a bit of greenery. Choose brightly coloured pots with orange, pink and bright blue. Hang ferns and other small potted plants from the ceiling to evoke a feeling of a rainforest.

Include aqua toned accents, such as silk covered cushions and pillows. Add a soft, aqua chenille throw on the back of a couch or chair. Use aqua coloured pillar or taper candles and pair with silver candlesticks. Hang posters or other inexpensive art with an aqua or water coloured theme on the walls, and frame in black or silver.

Include raffia or bamboo furnishings, such as baskets or rugs. Choose woven blinds made from bamboo, and layer with white curtains or drapes. Position a bamboo room dividing screen in one corner of the room for visual interest. Hang some fake greenery on the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • White furniture
  • Brown rugs
  • White curtains or shades
  • Silver toned accessories
  • Potted plants
  • Aqua accents
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