Decorating With Pine Furniture

Updated April 17, 2017

Decorating with pine furniture is a great way to create a cosy feel in your home. The simplicity of pine furniture has a warm and welcoming appeal. Pine furniture is unique because each individual piece of wood has knots and blemishes that are all its own. No two pieces of pine furniture look exactly the same. Another positive quality of pine furniture is its relatively low cost in comparison to other woods. Pine furniture can be treated and stained to match the current decor of your home. It can even be painted if desired. Decorating with pine furniture is the perfect idea for any homeowner who wishes to create a rustic, country space.

Gather inspiration from magazines. Professional work from interior designers is always showcased in home decor magazines. Take ideas from magazines that match your personal tastes. Mark the pages for future reference when decorating.

Consider your current space. The inclusion of pine furniture will change the overall appearance of a room. If your room is currently filled with modern furniture, understand that adding pine furniture will transform the look. Neutral walls and flooring will match perfectly with any type of pine furniture. Understand that hardwood walls and flooring may clash with some types of pine furniture. Choose pieces wisely.

Create an outdoorsy look in a den or living room. Pair pine furniture with colours of the earth. Include greens, browns and beige into the decor of your room. Add in a few plants and floral patterns throughout the room.

Use stained pine furniture to create a bold, luxurious interior. Pair pine furniture with deep colours like red and purple for a warm bedroom or living area.

Use natural white pine furniture for a light, airy space. Place a white pine table in a kitchen or dining room. Light colours will naturally make a space appear larger.

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