How to make a fake beard out of glue and hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Knowing how to make a fake beard out of glue and hair will make you a popular person around Christmas. To apply a beard made from human or synthetic hair, professionals use a special glue called spirit gum. You can buy spirit gum at a make-up supply shop or order it online.

Get hair that matches your natural hair colour or the colour of your costume. You can buy a synthetic wig, or ask a friend to save clippings next time she gets her hair cut. You can even grow your own hair, then cut it and save the clippings.

Cut the hair in the length that you want for your beard. Hold it up to your face to get a preview. You'll be applying the hair directly to your face using a special glue called spirit gum, so you want to make any adjustments to the hair with scissors before you begin.

Wash your face. Spirit gum goes on best over a clean face.

Coat your face with a layer of spirit gum. You only need to apply the gum where you plan to put the beard.

Wash your hands to remove any traces of spirit gum.

Press the hair onto your face, working in one area at a time. Apply a layer to the entire area, then assess the look in a mirror. If you need more hair, apply a second layer of spirit gum and then press on more hair to create a thicker beard.


Buy spirit gum remover to get the spirit gum off your face. Otherwise, use rubbing alcohol or acetone. You can also create the fake beard on a sheet of plastic by coating the plastic with spirit gum and applying the hair directly to the plastic. To apply the beard to your face, coat the back of the plastic with spirit gum and apply spirit gum to your face, then press the beard on and hold it in place until the gum dries.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair
  • Scissors
  • Spirit gum
  • Mirror
  • Plastic (optional)
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