How to package homemade cookies and sweets

Updated April 08, 2017

When it comes to packaging homemade sweets for a gift, presentation is key. A nicely packaged gift of goodies shows care and professionalism that can make even the simplest sugar cookies look elegant. Packaging depends on the type of candy or cookie -- whether it is large or small, soft or hard, delicate or durable. But regardless of the type of packaging you use, if you apply your creativity and expertise, you are sure to impress your friends and family.

Individually wrapped

Wrap each sweet in cellophane or wax wrapper and arrange in a container. This works best with lollipops (including chocolate ones) or homemade hard sweets.

Tie the cellophane around the lollipops with a string or ribbon. For the small hard sweets, twist the ends of the waxed paper in opposite directions.

Bundle the lollipops together (three to ten each) and tie with a large ribbon, or put them in a vase, jar or flower pot and tie with a ribbon or bow. Attach a small note card to the bundle such as "Happy birthday Annie!" or "Congratulations on your engagement, Peter and Sally." Fill gift bags or gift boxes with the individually wrapped sweets.

Gift boxes

Place cookies, chocolate truffles, fudge or brittle in gift boxes for both neat presentation and protection. Choose attractive pre-made gift boxes from any craft or confectionery shop (usually wax-covered cardboard or metal tins) that have folding or detachable lids. White works best for any occasion, but it is possible to find printed or seasonal boxes. Choose larger boxes for cookies and small for candies and truffles.

Line the boxes with waxed paper and gently arrange the sweets or cookies. Place waxed paper between each layer of sweets or cookies to keep them from rubbing or melting into each other.

Close the box and secure with a decorative sticker or seal. If the box does not come with a ribbon attachment, tie a ribbon around the box or adhere a bow to the top. As with the lollipop bundles, attach a small gift or note card.

Gift bags

Fill gift bags (clear or printed cellophane bags or wax-covered paper bags) with sturdy treats such as individually wrapped hard sweets or peanut brittle. Avoid using gift bags for soft or fragile sweets such as fudge or truffles. Cookies, likewise, can be easily damaged in gift bags. Hard cookies such as shortbread or iced sugar cookies can be wrapped in gift bags.

Twist the top of the gift bag and secure with either a twist tie or a thin string. Cover the tie or string with a decorative ribbon and tie into a bow. If using a paper bag, fold the top down and secure with a staple or sticker.

Attach a note card or gift tag to the ribbon, or adhere a decorative sticker label to the front of the paper bag.

Things You'll Need

  • Sweets or cookies
  • Cellophane or waxed paper
  • Scissors
  • Gift containers
  • Flower pot or vase
  • Ribbon
  • Gift cards
  • Cellophane or paper gift bags
  • Stickers or adhesive labels
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