How to find an owner of an address

Updated February 21, 2017

Reverse lookups, a quick, non-invasive way to find out who owns a specific address, can be performed from a computer in your home or office. Perhaps you are a parent doing your own detective work so you can find out more about your teen's new friend. Or maybe you are curious to know who owns that fortress-like house in your neighbourhood with residents whom you rarely see but for a fleeting moment as they cruise past. Whatever your reasons, you can uncover the information you are looking for with the use of a free online service.

Visit a website that provides reverse lookup services such as White or Phone (see Resources).

Type in the complete address for the residence or business in question, including the street number, name, city and state and click "Find" or "Search".

Review the results to obtain the owner's name. If you don't receive any results, ensure that you entered the address correctly. Check the street number and the spelling of all words and try again.


If one reverse lookup service doesn't work, try another one. When searching, you can omit the street type (avenue, drive, road) to get a wider range of results.


An address with an unlisted phone number may not be available. New addresses may not be available immediately. It may take some time for them to be added to reverse lookup directories.

Things You'll Need

  • Full street address, city and state
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