How to find a telephone number from an address

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What do you do if you want to locate the telephone number of a business or person, but you only have an address to go by? There is a publication that can make such a search as easy as looking through a phone book. Actually, that is what you are doing -- with a book called a "reverse phone directory," which lists phone numbers according to addresses and names. You can find these directories online. A reverse phone directory makes finding a telephone number from an address very easy to do.

Access the Internet and log into any reverse phone directory. Locate the section of the site that allows you to enter an address.

Enter the address you have. If you also have the person's name, that will assist you in verifying the information in case there is more than one listing.

Click on the "lookup" button and wait for the next page to generate a report. Scan the page for the name of the person you are trying to locate.

Locate the phone number under the name on the listing.

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