How to Locate Someone With Their Previous Address

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You always meant to keep in touch with your college roommate but life got in the way. Now, years down the road, just when life slows down enough for you to think, you write her a letter. It returns unopened with a stiff little stamp from the postal service letting you know that your friend no longer resides at that address. Thankfully, you can still locate her using her previous address as a basis for a source search.

Check the White Pages online at Use the person's last and first name or their previous address to find a more current address. If their name is common, your search may be difficult, however.

Look on free people-finder websites. These Websites use the information that you provide combined with other data to produce results. One such Website is, for which you must provide the person's name and preferably location.

Try a paid people-finder Website. These Websites use more extensive data to provide better, more reliable results. One such website is

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