How to Search for a Phone Number by Street Address

Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Many people are familiar with online tools that can help you search for a phone number by a person's name or by a company name. However, there are also several online tools available that can also search for a phone number by a street address. These tools allow you to input a street address, city and state or street address and Postcode and find a phone number associated with that address. These tools also will provide you with the names of persons and or businesses associated with the address.

Open your web browser and go to, or

Type in the appropriate boxes the full street address, city and state associated with the phone number you want to find. Alternatively, you can enter the street address and the Postcode. Click "Search."

Click the link that corresponds to the address you typed in Step 2. Detailed information about the address you listed is displayed, including any known names of people who reside at the address and the phone number associated with the address.

Find the address by looking in a criss-cross directory, which is a book that lists addresses and corresponding telephone numbers for a specific area. The addresses are typically listed alphabetically in the criss-cross directory with corresponding phone number listed to the right of the address. Local businesses and public libraries may have criss-cross directories for the local area.

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