How to mix sofas

Updated February 21, 2017

Mix-and-match sofas can create a tasteful decor scheme as well as offer other benefits. You can mix sofas out of convenience (such as when you already have two different couches), to add contrast and visual interest to a room or because you like two different sofas and can't make up your mind. As long as there is something common between them or they complement another aspect of the room's decor, sofas don't have to match.

Paint the walls in a colour found in both sofas. If the couches have no colour in common, choose a neutral colour that looks nice with both. For example, if one sofa is a blue and green plaid and the other is a cream colour, paint the walls cream or tan.

Arrange the sofas so they complement each other and the rest of the room. Set them across from each other for an easy and natural conversation area where you can see a large window, fireplace or TV from either sofa. Add a chair or ottoman in a colour that matches both sofas, if you have the room.

Use sofa covers to create mix-and-match sofas if they have the same pattern or if there is nothing you can do to make them work together. A tan sofa would go well with sofa striped in various hues of golds, oranges and browns. Black and white stripes, plaid, floral patterns or other designs look good with almost any bright, solid colour.

Tie the sofas together with accessories. Use coordinating curtains or drapes, a rug or pillows to tie in patterns and colours. For example, if one sofa is yellow and the other is black and white, add yellow pillows to the black and white sofa and black and white pillows in a corresponding pattern or shape to the yellow sofa. Complementing your drapes is easier as you can pick between yellow, black or white. Hang art or pictures and place candles, plants or floral arrangements around the room to carry the colours or patterns found in the sofas.


Choose colours or patterns that you like. Build the room that so you'll be comfortable there: a beautiful room is useless if you don't want to spent time there. Couch covers are generally inexpensive enough to change the entire look of a room when you get tired of your current look. Try different slipcovers until you find the combination you like. Mix colours and patterns, but try to keep the same style of couch. For example, the seating height should be about the same on either sofa or it may look awkward. Contemporary sofas might look out of place next to an overstuffed or antique sofa.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Sofas
  • Chair or ottoman
  • Sofa covers (optional)
  • Accessories such as pillows and throws
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