How to Find My Duns Number

A DUNS number is a necessary component of building your business credit. Not only does a DUNS number assist you with being approved for corporate financing, businesses also can use it to research how strong you are as a company to determine if they would like to do business with you.

Contact Dun & Bradstreet. Your DUNS number was applied for and issued to you via Dun & Bradstreet. You may need to provide the company name, address and phone number, and possibly the federal tax ID number for your company.

Apply for a DUNS number if you discover you were never issued one. You can apply over the phone or online at There is no cost for the DUNS number, though the representatives at Dun & Bradstreet may attempt to sell you an optional credit builder program. You will receive your DUNS number within 30 days.

Find out which businesses you have received credit from to determine whether they have your DUNS number. Each business has an option of reporting your good payment history to Dun & Bradstreet each month. Contacting them will allow you to determine whether they have your DUNS number.


When applying for business credit or financing, have both your DUNS number and a federal tax ID number when seeking approval. Be sure to submit your financial statements to Dun & Bradstreet to ensure you have a complete credit profile.

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