How to Dial Toll Free 800 Numbers in Europe

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American travellers visiting Europe often don't give much thought to how to dial a toll-free 800 number until it becomes a necessity. If you have purchased a phone card in the United States, you might find it challenging to call the phone card company's toll free number to recharge your card. Fortunately, calling an 800 number from Europe is not difficult, although you may still have to pay direct dial rates for the call.

Find the toll free 800 number you want to call. If you are recharging a phone card or calling a credit card company, the phone number is typically listed on the back of the card.

Dial "00" on your telephone. This is the international access code you must use to call outside of the country.

Dial "1." This is the international country code for the United States.

Dial the remainder of the 800 number you want to call. For example, to reach a toll free 800 number in the United States, you would dial 001-800-999-9999.

Dial 0800 plus the number you want to reach if you are dialling a toll free 800 number in England.

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