How to Cover Grey Roots

Save time, and money, between appointments with a hair stylist by covering your grey roots yourself. Grey roots may be fashionable for some women, but for others it is just plain embarrassing. Instead of rushing to your hairdresser during the first signs of regrowth, try concealing them yourself using an at-home hair dye specifically designed for grey hair. Not all dyes are the same, in fact, some dyes may not even work to cover grey; therefore, choose a dye that guarantees coverage and get rid of those roots in 30 minutes or less.

Choose a hair dye that offers 100 per cent grey coverage. Not all dyes are the same and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; therefore, read the box to ensure you will receive full coverage.

Read the instructions on the box and put on an old T-shirt. Put the rubber gloves on, included with the kit, and mix the dye according to the directions.

Expose your hairline by pulling your hair back into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Apply the root dye to your hairline around the perimeter of your head. Massage the hairline with your gloves so that the entire root line is covered.

Take hair down and part your hair directly down the centre using a comb. Apply the root dye to the centre part and use your fingers to massage the roots, just like the hairline, up to 1 to 2 inches from the root.

Move 2 inches to the left of your centre part and repeat the process. You want to only dye the hair roots, not the entire hair strand. Continue working to the left, every 2 inches, until you covered all the roots on the left side of your head. After you have applied colour, make sure you massage the area around each part to ensure you have saturated each root.

Go back to the centre part and move 2 inches to the right, and part hair. Continue working down the right side of your head, parting hair every 2 inches, until all the roots are completely covered.

Set the dye bottle aside and run your fingers through your hair and over your scalp, several times, to disperse dye evenly. Leave dye on for the recommended time, typically 15 to 25 minutes.

Rinse dye out of hair by taking a shower or holding your head under a running faucet. It is OK to rinse your entire head of hair. Keep your head under the water until the water runs clear. Do not wash your hair. Once the water runs clear, use the conditioner included in the box of hair colour to condition your hair. Rinse out the conditioner and dry hair.


Use a root concealer kit to apply hair colour directly to root areas. Add highlights to conceal grey regrowth. Add height to hair by teasing roots to conceal up to 1 inch of regrowth.

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