How to Decorate a Small Bedroom for a Teenage Boy

Updated July 19, 2017

Decorating a small room can prove challenging, even more so when it is for a teen. A teen boy will probably care as much about the function of his room as he does about the decor. Teens like their spaces to be places where they can get away to think, listen to music, sleep and hang out with friends. While decorating a small bedroom for a teen boy, keep in mind the functions of the room.

Paint the room a colour that does not emphasise the smallness of the room. Think of light or warm colours (provided they are not too dark). Another technique for painting a small room is to paint one wall a different colour--a focus wall. The focus wall can be a darker colour. This makes the distance between the opposing walls seem greater than it is.

Use your space wisely when choosing furniture for a small bedroom. For a teen boy, the furniture should enhance the decor as well as provide needed function. A loft bed has the same footprint as another bed but provides space underneath for working on homework or surfing the web.

Eliminate clutter. A small room will look even smaller when cluttered. If he has collections of action figures, cars or the like that he still enjoys, mount a wall shelf, where they can be nicely displayed, or purchase storage containers that can stack in his closet. Purchase a file cabinet that he can keep his schoolwork and other papers in under his loft bed to avoid paper clutter. A small dustbin should also be at his desk.

Hang large, simple wall decor. Above his desk, hang a large notice board where he can pin up his favourite photos, skateboarder pictures and concert tickets. A large mirror hung over his dresser will make the room seem larger and give him his own space to gel his hair. If space permits, a large framed poster or mural will show off his tastes while keeping it simple. You can find framed posters or murals online at stores such as, and

Keep the windows and bedding simple. Forego the curtains or drapes in exchange for roman shades. These both stylish and simple, creating a clean, streamlined look. A solid or striped comforter will complete the clean, organised feel of his newly decorated bedroom.

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