How to spike up hair using straighteners

Updated February 21, 2017

Individuals with longer, or even short, thick hair, cannot simply spike the hair by using various styling products. This is because the weight of the hair will cause the hair to fall down. This does not mean that those with long hair or short, thick hair cannot spike it up. When you use a hair straightener, combined with the proper hairstyling products, you can spike up your hair and secure the spiked hairstyle so that it will not fall down during the day.

Dry hair completely. You can do so by simply rough drying your hair with your fingers and a paddle brush in order to remove all of the moisture.

Turn hair straightener on to medium to high heat. The heat will depend on the texture of the hair. If the hair is fine, you should keep it on a medium setting, and if the hair is thick, you may need to turn it to a high heat.

Mist a heat-activated hairstyling spray throughout the hair. Flip the hair from side to side in order to completely coat the hair. Be sure to hold the spray approximately 6 to 12 inches away from your head in order to mist it evenly.

Begin in the front of the hair and clip the straightener on a 1-inch section of the hair, near the root.

Pull the straightener upward toward the tip. You will notice that, as a result of the styling spray, the section will stay very flat and spiky.

Move to another 1-inch section, and pull the hair upward and outward with the straightener.

Continue to do this until you have spiked up the hair as much as you would like. You may need to redo some sections and reapply the styling spray in order to get your preferred spiked look.

Work a small amount of hairstyling paste through the hair to finish the look.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 from Section 1.

Mist the heat-activated hairstyling spray throughout your hair. Use your hands to then push your hair up in order to begin the spiking process.

Clip the straightener on a 1-inch section of hair, near the root. You can begin anywhere on your head that you wish, but you should make one full circle with the straightener rather than moving randomly around your head.

Pull the straightener upward, toward the tip of the section. You may pull it outward when straightening the sides of your hairstyle if you want your entire short hairstyle to be spiked.

Work a pea-sized amount of hairstyling paste throughout your hair in order to finish spiking the hair. You may add another pea-sized amount afterward if you feel your hair is not spiked enough, but do not add any more than this, as the product can weigh down your hair.


Those with short, thin hair should not use a straightener to spike hair as doing so could damage the hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair straightener
  • Paddle brush
  • Heat-activated hairstyling spray
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