How to Find Someone in Australia

Updated February 21, 2017

It's all too easy to lose contact with friends and relatives---especially when they live in a different country. If you are trying to locate a person in Australia, you may be wondering where and how to conduct your search effectively. As Australia has strict privacy laws, people searching may be a touch more difficult than it would be elsewhere. However, there are some things you can try to finally get in touch with that special person.

Search through a social networking website like MySpace. As many people have profiles on these websites, it may be worth the minute or two to do so.

Go to the electronic version of the Australian White Pages at Input the person's last name (surname) and first initial of his given name. Note that as the Australian White Pages list only the first initials of given names, finding the person without knowing his state will be quite difficult.

Use a private investigation service, such as The service will attempt to find your friend, relative or acquaintance for a fee. To begin, submit a quote request. Provide information about the person, including name, birth date, last known address and the names of her family members.

Look through the Australian Electoral Roll, which lists people currently eligible to vote in Australia. It is available for viewing in person at any Australian Electoral Commission office and cannot be accessed online. However, if you are in Australia, or know someone there who can search on your behalf, this can be an excellent resource in acquiring information about the person in question.

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