How to get an address from a phone number

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding people on the Internet has become easier and easier as technology has got better. Search engines, community blogs and social networking sites have allowed people to find old classmates and former friends with the click of a button. Also, addresses can be found simply by searching for phone numbers. One old standby for locating people is the White Pages. However, thumbing through thousands of pages looking for a phone number can be labour intensive. Fortunately, the White Pages are now available online, allowing you to do what is called a "reverse lookup." This allows you to input a person's phone number to find his address.

Go to This will bring you directly to the White Pages home page, where you will see three main search sections: Find People, Find Businesses and Reverse Lookup.

Make sure the word "phone" is bolded in the Reverse Lookup section. Do this by clicking on the word with your mouse.

Input the person's telephone number into the box under the words "Phone Number." Dashes are not needed when searching.

Click on the "Find" button. This will bring you to the Results page. Listed will be the name and address of the person you are searching for.


Other phone number searching sites include,, and Also call 411 on your telephone and give the operator the person's phone number to locate the address.

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