How to Find People on Yahoo Messenger

Updated March 23, 2017

Yahoo provides a lot of services for its customers. Aside from Yahoo Mail and Yahoo fantasy sports, the online giant has an instant messaging program called Yahoo Messenger, which was introduced in 1998. Yahoo Messenger allows you to manage your personal and business contacts, and even find friends or family you haven't heard from in awhile so that you can chat online.

Sign in to Yahoo Messenger and select the "Contacts" search bar.

Type the person's Yahoo or Windows Live ID and click "Instant Message."

Click "Next." Yahoo will search accounts to see if the person uses Yahoo Messenger.

Select the group and identity for the new contact, and click "Finish."


If you do not know a person's Yahoo ID, use creativity when searching by name. Many users do not use their entire name online. Initials are commonly used for last names, such as "John D" instead of "John Doe."

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