Mobile text chat operator job

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The job of a mobile text chat operator is to have conversations via text messages with customers. Text chat jobs involve engaging in a variety of topics depending on what the customer wants to chat about.


The mobile text chat operator uses software program on his home computer to receive text messages from a customer's phone. The chat operator types a response and the message is sent electronically to the customer's phone.


The amount a text chat operator makes depends on how much the company pays its workers per text message. This is usually 10p to 20p per message. The higher the number of texts exchanged between the chat operator and the customer, the more the worker makes from that conversation.


Companies that hire mobile text chat operators require applicants to be at least 18 years old, speak the language of their customers and have fast typing skills. Some companies may require a minimum number of work hours per week. The operator also has to have high-speed broadband internet.

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