How to Decorate a Living Room With Black Leather Furniture

Owning black leather furniture does not have to limit your living room decorating options. You can use black leather furniture as the centrepiece of many decorating styles. The key is to not fight against what you have, but to find a way to work with it. These guidelines are meant to compliment your personal style and not overpower it.

Pick living room colours that will complement the black leather furniture. When you have a statement piece as strong as black leather, you want other colours in the room to work with it. Many people make the mistake of picking another strong colour such as deep green, burgundy, or brilliant gold to match the intensity, but it is much wiser to stick to neutrals and allow the leather to stand on its own. The main elements of the room are the items that should be neutral in colour such as beige or taupe walls and earth tone flooring.

Pick living room decor that will contrast with the black leather furniture. Nothing brings out black furniture better than having pieces the contrast with it. This doesn't mean your room has to be black and white (unless you really like that motif). You can also contrast your black leather furniture with glass tables and steel accents.

Ground and balance the room with other black furnishings and area rugs. If you have black on one side of the room, you need to balance it by placing black items in other areas. An area rug that is black or that has black details will ground the room. Black table legs and lamp bases will help balance the room. Black frames on your art will also create a sense of balance.

Add a bit of ethnic flair to your living room with black leather furniture. Ethnic home decor is great for dominating a strong colour scheme. Whether you prefer Asian, African, Indian or Caribbean design, such a theme will become the primary decor element of the room, pushing the black leather furniture to a secondary position. The key is to do this in moderation, so as to not overpower the room, but to compliment your existing furnishings.

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