Tips to grow facial hair fast

Updated November 21, 2016

Growing facial hair such a beard, moustache or goatee is a personal choice for many men. The decision to start growing facial hair is one that means following some simple hygiene practices to get the hair growing fast. Human hair, including facial hair, grows at different rates for different people but you can help the process by taking good care of the skin underneath. Maintaining a proper diet is one way to get hair growing faster, but there are other tips you can follow as well.


The decision to grow a beard does not mean that one will appear right away. The beginning stages of growing out facial hair means that the hairs will all grow at a different rate. This means that when you first start allowing the hair to grow out there may be patchy spots with less hair than others. Because of this you should time when you start growing the hair so that it does not interfere with your appearance. For example, start growing out facial hair at the start of a long weekend or some other time where you do not have commitments requiring you to be clean cut and shaven.


Hair grows out of follicles and keeping skin healthy is important to getting hair to grow fast and healthy. Exfoliating the skin on your face will keep your pores free from dirt and oil which can otherwise clog the pores making hair harder to grow. Using a gentle exfoliating cleanser one to two times per week will help keep your skin in the ideal condition. In between exfoliating make sure to clean your skin every day and use a moisturiser.

Conditioning and Care

As the facial hair grows in you should make sure that not only is the skin properly cared for, but the newly sprouted hairs as well. Keeping your beard conditioned will facilitate the growing process as healthy facial hair, like scalp hair, grows faster when well taken care of. Wash the hair on your face when you wash your face and condition the beard or moustache with moisturiser. Make sure to rub it in well so that it soaks in to both the skin and hair. When you start growing out facial hair you should avoid trimming and cutting the hairs until enough has grown in for you to determine the pattern with which your hair grows. Once you have reached the stage where you like the appearance of the facial hair, make sure to keep the hair trimmed and shaped.

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