How to Pick a Pet-Proof Carpet

Many pet owners choose to put in hardwood flooring because they are anxious about the type of damage that their pet will cause to carpeting. This need for pet-proof carpets has inspired new products that keep a carpet attractive for a long time. Read on to learn how to pick a pet-proof carpet.

Choose a design that hides pet hair and stains. Dark solid colors have a tendency to show everything. If you have a pet that sheds, you need to get a speckled carpet in a neutral design to hide the hair.

Find a carpet that is manufactured specifically for pet owners. The makers of Pet Agree Carpet wanted to create a product that withstands any damage made by a pet. It is made from a material that traps liquids (pet urine) and stops it from soaking through to the carpet padding and floor below.

Put down nylon carpeting. A carpet made from nylon is the strongest and most durable type. It is easy to clean and doesn't sustain long term damage from your pets.

Get a vacuum for pet owners to clean the carpet. Once you install your carpet, you should invest in a good vacuum to get rid of pet hair. Dyson's Animal Upright Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair is a good choice.

Use a carpet protector spray. Scotchgard and Hoover have sprays that are formulated to resist any stains.


If you are worried about damage to your carpet from a pet, you can always forbid the pet's entrance to the room. Put up gates or train a dog to not enter the room. Look closely at your carpet's warranty. Very few warranties will cover damage that has been caused by pets.

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